Player Profile

Will Bower

Nationality :
Date Of Birth :
Height :
Weight :

What is your full name?
Will Bower

1st Grade, u20s

What is your footy nickname?

What is your current position?

What is your jersey number?
Depends on what grade

What is your pre-match ritual/routine?
slice of banana bread exactly 1 hour before

Who is the joker
Bren in 1st and Sam maxwell in 20s

The most serious on your team/s?
Josh Low

Which football team do you support?

How would you spend your Saturday if you weren’t playing footy?

What is your greatest football achievement?
1st grade debut at 16

Best advice received?
Never give up

Best memory from being at Edgeworth?
Trip to Sydney for the champions cup

Favourite food?

If you could attend any sporting event in the world, what would it be?
World cup

Most embarrassing moment on a football pitch?
A failed back heel